How to Purchase the Products

Browse through our shop and find the products you like. We offer a wide selection of 3D Models, Stock Images and Training Tutorials.

After carefully reading the product description, click the Add to Cart button.

Your product will be stored in the Cart for you.

3D Model of a Paint Bucket for sale at Sama Sama Studio

When you are ready to Check out, you can either click in the View Cart button at the top of the Product page, or in the left-side Menu.

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In the Cart page you can review your order. Check that the items are correct and that the number of products in the Quantity column is the one you want.

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If you have a discount coupon, enter it here and press Apply Coupon. The price in the Totals column will recalculate.

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Proceed to Checkout to input your Billing Information. It is only required that you fill in your name and email address. If you have something you’d like to say, you can add it in the Additional Information section.

We accept only Paypal payments. Paypal is the safest and easiest method for you!

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When you Proceed to Paypal you will be asked to Log in to your Paypal account. If you don’t have one, you are offered the option of paying with a credit card through Paypal.

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How to Download the Products

Once the transaction is completed, your browser will update and show you a confirmation message.

In this message you have access to the Download Buttons for every product you purchased.

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You will also receive an email to the email address you specified before.

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If you do not receive our email or the confirmation page doesn’t appear, please contact us as soon as possible and we will send you the files again during our office working hours.

How to Exctract the Purchased Files

All the files we offer have been compressed in a .zip format for easier download.

To be able to use the files, you will have to use an archiver software to extract them.

To extract the files, copy the .zip product in the folder of your choosing, and right click your mouse on it.

The option Extract All will extract them in a folder of your choosing, inheriting the name of the .zip

Once it’s extracted, you can begin to use the files.

How are the prices calculated?

The prices of the 3D models in this SHOP are calculated depending on the complexity of the model, textures, UVs and Rigs as follows:

Base Model:

Simple: + 1€
Medium: + 5€
Complex: + 20€


Simple: + 1€
Medium: + 5€
Complex: + 10€

Texture Set:

Simple: + 1€
Medium: + 5€
Complex: + 20€

Extra Textures:

Simple: + 0.25 € per extra texture
Medium: + 1€ per extra texture
Complex: + 5€ per extra texture


Simple: + 10€
Medium: + 20€
Complex: + 50€


Simple: + 3€
Corners: + 3€ per direction

Bundles/Sets: – 25% of the price of all models in the collection

Extra fees can be applied to models with unique characteristics, such as special features (dynamics and others), limited stock number, etc…

Super simple geometries (like simple planes or primitive shapes) are not charged in the Base Model fee.


The prices of the HDRI images in this SHOP are calculated depending on the complexity and quality of the environment as follows:

Simple:  1€
Medium:  3€ – 5€
Complex:  10€

Why to use Blender?

Because Blender is the Best!

Why we believe in Blender:

  • It is a free software, but it is highly market competitive. You can do with Blender the same things that you can do with expensive renowned software solutions.
  • It is in constant evolution. There are new releases every few months with incredible features every time!
  • It has a friendly interface and it is very easy to use.
  • It is also very easy to learn. There are thousands of tutorials and learning resources for Blender, most of them free!
  • It promotes beautiful ideals. Free software can be lucrative without over-charging fees. It is more accessible, and it creates equal opportunities for everyone.

At Sama Sama Studio we are 100% Blender supporters. We love Blender, and we want to spread the word!

Go on and try it, it’s a free software! You can get the latest version right now from

Structure of the Blender Files

We have arranged all our Blender files to follow a specific standard:

  • All the objects, lights, materials and textures have been tagged with the letters SMS (for Sama Sama Studio). This will help you keep track of the original product files.
  • The textures and materials have been given a “fake user” datablock (F) to prevent them from being accidentally deleted from the file in case you want to try custom materials.
  • All the products come with an Infinity Background, that will always be set on the layer number 16 (on the second column, the first of the bottom row)
  • The Camera and extra lights (if any) will also be set on the layer 16.
  • The main product will always be set on the layer number 1 (on the first column, the first of the top row)
  • In products with more than one model; the models will be distributed along the layers 1 to 10 (all the layers of the top rows)
  • For models that are rigged; the rig will always be in the layer below the model’s layer. For example, if a character model is in layer 1, it’s rig will be right below it  in layer 11, and so on.
  • Helpers and other similar objects will always be set in layers from 17 to 20.

For more information on specific products, please check the Documentation section.

Layer number and organization in Blender
What is SMS?

We have named all our models, materials and textures with the tag SMS.

This tag stands for Sama Sama Studio (in short SMS).

By doing this, you will easily find our products in your computer’s browser. Files with the SMS tag will ensure our quality standard.

Do I have to make an Account?

You can shop at this store without having an account with us.

However, if you choose to make one, you will have access to your account page.

There, you will be able to see a list of the Products you have purchased and you will have access to their download links.

Notice that our products are regularly revised and updated. If you have an account, you can download the newer versions at any time.

How to store the purchased files to avoid conflict

After unzipping the .zip file, you will see all the files included in the product.

The Blender file has all the paths set to relative to avoid conflicts of missing textures. For that reason, we recommend you always keep the textures and the Blender file together in the same folder.

If the textures are separated into a different folder, you will have to load them back into Blender by hand.

The Blender file is ready to render. If you have kept the original file structure as it was in the .zip, when clicking Render Image your rendered image will appear in the top right window of the Document.

Ready to render 3D models for Blender
How to Change the Background Color on the rendered images

The Blender Files usually include two Background choices:

  • The default choice is a white background that receives shadows from the 3D model. You can change the color to any color of your choice, by clicking on the color swatch and selecting a new color.
Change the background color of the rendered scene in Blender
  • The alternative choice is to apply a gradient based on the scene’s light to the background, making the resulting environment more realistic. To get this second choice, simply click on the yellow output of the Gradient Texture, and plug it on the color input as seen in the image.
Change the background color of the rendered scene in Blender
How to Change the Camera Settings

You can move the Camera to the position of your choosing by following these simple steps:

  1. Click on the Camera’s frame border.
  2. In the bar to the right, find the View section and click Lock Camera to View.
  3. Press your mouse’s wheel (or the middle button) and without releasing move the mouse around. You will see how the camera rotates around the model.
  4. To zoom in or out, roll the mouse wheel.
  5. To pan the Camera, press the mouse’s wheel (or the middle button) while you press the Shift key.

When you are done editing, remember to disable the Lock Camera to View checker.

How to move the Camera in the Blender file

For further control of the Camera’s settings, you can again select the Camera Frame Border [1] and go to the Camera tab [3]

In this tab you can change things like the Focal length of the Camera, the sensor or the Depth Field.

Camera controls of the Blender file
How to Change the Image Output

You can increase the size of the rendered image in the Render Tab.

Changing the render size in Blender
How to Save Rendered Images

After rendering your image, you will see it appear in the Top Right Window.

To save it, click in the Image menu at the bottom of the window, and then choose Save as Image.

How to save a rendered image in Blender

A new window will open. Here you can:

  1. Specify the name of the Image File.
  2. Choose the destination folder where you want to save it.
  3. Change the file output, the compression and the color mode.

After changing the option settings, click Save as Image and it will be saved.

Save a render in Blender
Reset rotations in the Models

Some models will be rotated and arranged in the Blender world for artistic purposes.

The models have, however, all their transformations set to a (0,0,0) location, zero scale and zero rotations.

To restore the model to its zeroed position, simply select it and type in the keyboard:

Cntr+R – Clears all rotations

Cntrl+G – Restores location to (0,0,0)

Cntrl+S – Restores scale to original size

Examples of rotated models that can be reset to a zeroed pose:


Sama Sama Shop is an online store of high quality 3D models.

When a customer buys or downloads one or more of our products in our online store, recognizes the validity of this license (“License”). Using the site (“Site”) or any Sama Sama Studio products you are automatically agreeing to follow and be bound by this License.

“Content” means all Sama Sama Studio products including free and promotional products and all the files that accompany products, such as textures or images.

Sama Sama Studio may revise and update this License at anytime and without notice.


All the contents belong to Sama Sama Studio. None of these rights are assigned or transferred to the end-user.

The original manufactured products under a brand name and it’s design are the property of their respective owners. Sama Sama Shop does not own or license any other-party intellectual property.

You are solely responsible for determining the need for and, if appropriate, obtaining any needed other-party clearance, consent, or release to use any other-party intellectual property in your projects.

Conditions of use

Any Sama Sama Shop content is the property of Sama Sama Studio and can be used in your private or commercial projects as you need. The usage limitations are the following:

  • Content can not be distributed, sold, assigned, transferred or otherwise redistributed in our original format or in any other format from which any original product, or any part of it can be separately exported.
  • Content can be modified in any way in order to conform to your needs, however any such modifications are still derivatives of the original and can not be sold or distributed as your own.
  • Content can be used only if one of the following applicable: it was bought by you via Sama Sama Shop; it is free and was downloaded from Sama Sama Shop; it was granted to you by Sama Sama Shop for promotional or other purposes.
Delivery Policy

All products are delivered via electronic downloads.

As soon as order is approved you will be redirected to a page with the download link. You will also receive this link on the e-mail you provided during checkout. The link is available for a period of 365 days.

If for some reason you didn’t receive the email with your link, or you couldn’t manage to download the purchased content, please contact us and we will send you a new link.

Refund Policy

Since Sama Sama Shop is offering non-tangible, irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds once the order is completed and the product is sent.

As a customer, you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item at our Site. We only make exceptions with this rule on the following reasons:

  • Double purchase: if you purchased some product twice due to unknown issue of the payment system or by any other reason.
  • Download issues: If you have trouble downloading the products, please contact us and we will quickly send you a new link, or the product as an email attachment.
  • Irreparable defects, missing textures, files, etc. Although all the products are thoroughly tested before release, unexpected errors may occur. In this case we may send you a download link with the missing or fixed files.

Requests for a refund are accepted within the period of 1 week after the order is placed. You should accompany this request with detailed and grounded reasons why you apply for a refund.

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