HDRI-05: Photography Studio


This product is an HDR Equirectangular image of a Photography Studio consisting of three softboxes, two flashes, one hanging flash lamp, one bulb flash panel, a top bulb flash panel suspended from a rail and a white backdrop that illuminate your scene from every angle in an asymmetrical setup offering rich, complex reflection details for the Glossy surfaces in your scene.

This product will achieve realistic results in your rendering projects and animations, being greatly suited for faster renders and easier lighting setups.

The product format file is an OpenEXR image, that can be used in any 3D editing and/or rendering software package such as Maya, 3D Studio Max, Blender, Keyshot, etc…

  • Production Quality images for Image-based Lighting
  • A Professional Light Rig to iluminate your 3D models
  • An easy lighting setup
  • Faster renders than by illuminating with virtual lamps


By acquiring this product, you will get two OpenEXR images (in high and low resolution) and a sample image sheet to use as a visual reference. The OpenEXR images have been tested in 3D Studio Max, Maya, Blender and Keyshot without issues.

  • Light Rig HDR image perfect for realistic reflections of a real Photographic Studio
  • OpenEXR format in High and Low resolutions
  • High resolution Equirectangular image of 2000 x 1000 pixels for high lighting quality and final renders
  • Low Resolution Equirectandular image of 1000 x 500 pixels for testing and faster rendering

The file has been compressed in a .zip format for easier download. A zip archiver (usually included in the Operative System) will be necessary for extracting the files.

The size of the compressed file is 6.26 MB.


The sample images that appear displayed at this page have been rendered in Blender Cycles (at a light strength of 0.5) using the current OpenEXR image as lighting source. In these sample images you can see the result of this HDRI illuminating a SMS-Ball shaded with different surface materials such as Brushed Metal, Chrome, Diffuse, Glass, Pearl (Translucent) and Plastic. These images are included in the product as a visual guide of the lighting effect resulting with each material.

☞ Please note that the sphere (geometry) and materials (shaders) seen in the sample images are not included in this product ☜

Depending on the software package/rendering software, or the intensity/strength settings used in the rendering of your 3D scene, the resulting illumination appearance might vary from the sample images.

Additional Information

OpenEXR [2]
– sms-HDRI-05-High – 4.66 MB
– sms-HDRI-05-Low – 1.24 MB

JPG [2]
– sms-HDRI-05-EXR-preview – 55 KB
– sms-HDRI-05-material-preview – 352 KB


Published (14/06/2016)

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