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This is a 3D model of a rigged Human Mouth with Teeth and a Tongue. The teeth meshes have anatomically correct roots and realistic Blender Cycles enamel materials applied to them. The Tongue has been rigged with an IK chain, to allow for easy and fast poses of the tongue. The Palate has also a rotation controller, to easily open and close the mouth for your renders and illustrations.

This product will achieve realistic results in your rendering projects and animations, being greatly suited for close-ups due to their high quality topology and shading. Product format files are Blender and OBJ.

  • Production Quality
  • Ready to Render Blender file
  • Materials and Lights
  • OBJ file included

You can obtain the 3D Software to use this product for free at the Blender Foundation.

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This is a 3D model of a rigged Human Mouth with Teeth and a Tongue. The teeth meshes have anatomically correct roots and realistic Blender Cycles enamel materials applied to them. This 3D model includes two color variations for the teeth (Whitened and Natural) to suit all your needs. The Tongue has been rigged with an IK chain, to allow for easy and fast poses of the tongue. The Palate has also a rotation controller, to easily open and close the mouth for your renders and illustrations.

By acquiring this product you will get the Blender scene with the 3D model and materials seen in the sample images, as well as one OBJ file of the Mouth & Tongue.

The product includes several textures to easily change the look and feel of the rendered model, and to allow the importation of the model into other 3D packages.

The sample images have been rendered in Blender with Cycles. The lights and materials seen in the sample images are included in the Blender file. 

The .OBJ file has been tested in 3D Studio Max, Maya, Blender and ZBrush without issues.


Two Teeth finishes are included with this product, to suit all display purposes:

  • Whitened – Achieves the look of very clean/whitened teeth.
  • Natural – Achieves a natural, realistic look of natural untreated teeth.


  • High quality polygonal model, composed of quads and triangles only
  • The Teeth models are a complete replica of real human teeth, with all the roots and crowns being anatomically correct
  • Two teeth finishes are included to suit all display purposes
  • The model has been shaded with carefully crafted Cycles materials, providing a realistic feel even in closeup shots
  • The Palate is rigged to be able to “open” and “close” the mouth for display purposes
  • The Tongue has been rigged with an IK chain, that allows for easy and fast posing. It also allows the Tongue to be stretched out for when exaggerated poses are required
  • Clear naming for each individual part
  • Clean UVs and topology
  • Real world dimensions (metric system)
  • Physically accurate material nodes
  • HDRI image included for Image Based Lighting (IBL)

The file has been compressed in a .zip format for easier download. A zip archiver (usually included in the Operative System) will be necessary for extracting the files.

The size of the compressed file is 18.1 MB.

You can obtain the 3D Software to use this product for free at the Blender Foundation.

Please note:

Depending on the software package or version used after the purchase, the exchange formats (.obj) may not match the preview images. Due to the nature of these formats, the geometry could appear different than the original (triangulated or rotated). The textures might be flipped, or present the need of being loaded by hand.

The resulting rendered image might vary from the sample images.

Additional Information





Blender [1]
– SMS Mouth & Tongue.blend

OBJ [3]
– SMS Mouth & Tongue.obj


TIFF [3]
– sms-gums-displacement – 8.01 MB
– sms-teeth-displacement – 8.01 MB
– sms-tongue-displacement – 4.01 MB

PNG [3]
– sms-gums-normal – 1.91 MB
– sms-teeth-normal – 1.20 MB
– sms-tongue-normal – 1.14 MB

JPG [7]
– sms-gums-texture – 760 KB
– sms-teeth-enamel-mask – 625 KB
– sms-teeth-root-mask – 603 KB
– sms-teeth-texture- 01-whitened – 750 KB
– sms-teeth-texture-02-natural – 856 KB
– sms-tongue-specular – 629 KB
– sms-tongue-texture – 698 KB

EXR [1]
– sms-HDRI-02 – 2.45 MB


– Verts: 12,434
– Quads: 12,430
– Tris: 0

– Verts: 7,362
– Quads: 7,296
– Tris: 4

– Verts: 358
– Quads: 356
– Tris: 0


X: 6.7 cm
Y: 6.3 cm
Z: 5.4 cm


v1.0 – Published (13/07/2017)
v1.1 – Published (04/08/2017) – Current Version
———— Fixed names of textures to remove spaces between words

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